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Fantasy Glitter Fabric paint 2 oz

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Fantasy Glitter from Fabric Creations will add shiny, dazzling detail to your all your favorite fashions! The amazing, multi-faceted glitter fabric paint shines brightly on both light and dark fabrics and dries to a soft touch. Machine-washable after curing and heat-setting. Water-based and non-toxic.

  • Glitter paint specially formulated for use on light and dark fabrics
  • Dries to a soft touch; will not peel or flake
  • Machine-washable after curing and heat-setting
  • Water-based; non-toxic
  • Made in USA

How to heat set:

  1. Allow the decorated fabric to dry overnight.
  2. Heat an iron to the highest setting allowed for the decorated fabric.
  3. Keeping the heated iron dry, position the project fabric decorated-side up and then lay a pressing cloth over the fabric.
  4. Without using steam, press the decorated fabric area for 15 seconds, lift the iron and move to another section.
  5. Continue until the entire design area has been heat-set.

Laundry instructions:

Once heat-set, a project painted with Fabric Creations Fantasy Glitter paints can be machine-laundered on the gentle cycle; however, to preserve the life and durability of your decorated fabric, it is always best to hand-wash in cold water and allow to air-dry.